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SAVA solution is a combination of intelligent technology and services that ensures simple and effective elimination of home accidents. You will know everything that happens even if you are away from home. SAVA smart sensors will instantly notify you of any incidents.
With SAVA solution, you get not only sensors, but also emergency assistance aimed to reduce damage in a sudden situation, as well as repairman visit to resolve problem and insurance payment for losses in extreme cases.

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What is included in the SAVA service
Make your home safe
Help in an emergency
Fix household problems
Cover your losses

How it works
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Emergency Assistance to customer by phone with action instructions to reduce damage in a sudden situation.
In case the Customer is unavailable - informing relatives and proxies about the case, organizing access to the premises.
Assistance in calling to state or city emergency services.


Elimination of pipe leaks.
Elimination of plumbing blockage.
Troubleshooting electrical problems.
Locksmith work - help with a slammed door.
Minor repairs and installation of household appliances.
Cleaning and much more.

All sensors you can easily install by yourself according to the instructions in the mobile application.
Sensor settings are not required professional setup and are carried out automatically.
The main advantage of our solution is availability of included free services "Home assistance and insurance".

Clear and useful

Clear and useful
All sensors you can easily install by yourself according to the instructions in the mobile application.
Sensor settings are not required professional setup and are carried out automatically.
The main advantage of our solution is availability of included free services "Home assistance and insurance".

We invite for cooperation - Insurance companies, Banks, Utilities, Real Estate and Corporates that care about well-being of their employees.
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On our store you can choose and buy the kit you like and expand numbers of your sensors. Also you could renew you current service contract and insurance policy.
24\7 monitoring and emergency assistance
The service will provide push alert on client's phone when sensors are triggered and provide telephone instructions on the client's operational actions aimed at reducing damage in a sudden emergency, as well as assisting the client in calling emergency services in case the event is related to the responsibility of the city utility or state emergency service.

Also, in case of impossibility of communication with the client, the service involves notification by telephone of his authorized representatives, relatives who can provide access to the premises and brief them on operational activities.
Included Home Assistance package
This service allows the client to feel fully protected as well as the ability to receive a wide range of repair services without additional costs - 3 times per year are free for pay. The extended list of services includes time organizing and paying by SAVA for necessary diagnostics and repairs, such as:

  • Electrical network malfunctions (faulty wiring, wall outlets, light switches, etc.).
  • Plumbing and central heating malfunctions (pipe or roof leaks, heating battery leaks, etc.).
  • Water damage (draining water from roof/ceiling/floor, mitigating the effects of flood-ing, etc.).
  • Door lock malfunctions (broken lock removal and replacement).
  • Fire (liquidating the damage caused by a fire, re-moval of burned furniture and interior elements, removal of ash and soot, etc.).
      Умные датчики и приложение
      SAVA mobile application for Android and Apple IoS
      Allows the client to easily and independently install the sensors according to the instructions, make sure that they are activated. Monitoring 24/7. Allows you to receive push alerts and contact assistance company for service. Mobile application integrated with the central hub, cloud storage, service company system.

      HUB - combines all devices into one network with the ability to access the Internet to configure the modules and send notifications from the sensors to the smartphone and to the company's assistance system.
      • Powered by USB 5V.
      • Radio channel 433 MHz.
      • Connection over 2.4GHz WIFI.
      • Weight 36 grams.
      • Dimensions 62x62x20 mm.

      Water leakage sensor
      - installed in a "wet" area where water leakage is possible (bathtub, kitchen or bathroom). Notifies the customer and the service company about the flooding that has begun. It works when both contacts are in water. Transmission range up to 100 meters. Powered by battery 12V (included).

      Smoke leakage sensor - installed with double-sided tape on the ceiling up to 6 meters high. Coverage area up to 60 meters. Alerts customer and service company of smoke caused by fire or short circuit in the wiring. Circular smoke sensor. Transmission range up to 200 meters. Powered by battery 9V (included).

      Gas leakage sensor - sensor requires access to an electrical outlet, because the sensor operates on 220V. It is located in places where leakage of household gas is potentially possible - in the kitchen (in case of a gas leak in the area of the stove) or in other places, for example, at the places where gas pipes and communications are connected. Alerts the customer and the service company of a gas leak as a result of a stove malfunction or a breakdown of gas pipe connections and shut-off mechanisms. Adjust sensitivity. It works on a concentration of 0.1 to 0.5% depending on the type of gas. Detection distance up to 6 m.

      Door\Window sensor - sensor triggers for opening / closing, can be installed both on the front door and on the windows. Sensor sends alerts to the client's smartphone every time the door or window on which it is installed is opened. It operates at a distance of 1.5 cm. It consumes 0.01 watts. Distance up to 50 meters. Powered by battery 12V (included).

      PIR\Motion sensor - installs mainly in the upper corner of the room for confident coverage of the angle and area of the room. It is located in places where penetration is potentially possible, which you need to immediately know. Alerts to client and assistance company when detecting moving objects in the room. It works a distance of up to 12 m. Compensation of temperature and light. Transmission distance up to 150 meters. Powered by battery 9V (Included).
      Home Insurance Policy
      Property insurance is a reliable and economical way to protect yourself and your loved ones from the risk of losing the fact that you have made more than one year. We offer to protect your family budget from unforeseen financial losses if your apartment or home property suffers as a result of emergency situations.

      What are protected:

      • Apartment decoration
      • Engineering equipment, furniture, machinery
      • Other household property
      • Property owner civil liability insurance - will protect yourself from the risk of claims of neighbors and other persons in the event of damage to their property, life and health

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      SAVA Company
      SAVA (LLC "SAVA") is IoT (Home-connect\Smart Home Assistance\Smart Home Insurance) company from Russia that was created in 2019. SAVA product combining technological solutions with practical daily-life services aimed at providing emergency and maintain assistance on-demand to customers.

      SAVA founders and team have wide range experience in Insurance and Home Assistance, IoT systems development and cloud storage.

      SAVA mission is to change life for better of every family due to the available hi-tech and useful services.

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